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Personalisation matters – add relevance to your mobile marketing.

The power of mobile marketing is extraordinary. We’ve all experienced it, and when it works well it provides a relevant and engaging relationship between brands and their audiences. Issues can arise when this relationship becomes irrelevant, or even annoying – this can damage a brand’s image and send engagement plummeting. We have noticed one important factor that the most successful brands implement into their marketing campaigns. This is personalisation.

The way in which advertisers can reach audiences is becoming more effective as the technology used to reach users has developed. The deployment of beacons is increasing exponentially, with current projections putting the number of beacons in operation globally at 400 million by 2020 – proximity and its associated technologies are now an integral part of the advertising space.

Beacons, for those who are not already aware, are small Bluetooth-powered units that can communicate with mobile devices in a number of ways. They can be used to push information to devices and they can provide valuable insights into the activity and location of the devices that they interact with. With the growth of wearables and other smart technology that use Bluetooth regularly, as well as the advancement and improvisation of Bluetooth services, beacons are becoming one of the most important channels in which to interact with audiences.

Tamoco’s campaign with Orderella set out to utilise this dramatic growth in Bluetooth technology to increase the frequency of use for its service. Tamoco helped them to install 30 beacons across 28 different venues in order to prompt users to use Orderella to beat the queues in participating venues. Throughout the campaign different types of content were used, with the results demonstrating the value of different kinds of marketing activity, and helping Orderella to get the most from their marketing budget.

At Tamoco we have a theory that defines how we use the network’s technology to achieve the best possible results – personalisation. The power of personalised notifications helps brands to engage with their audience in the best possible way. Traditional marketing methods have been poor at creating a personalised connection between brands and their audience. It’s much better to reach out to people at relevant times, with personalised information and at locations which are pertinent.

The problem is that it can be difficult for brands to understand their audience well enough to be able to deliver highly personalised notifications. It involves data, and lots of it. Using a proximity network can help advertisers gain valuable insights into the behaviour of their audiences, and they can see in real time the effect of their marketing activity. This is important – it allows brands to change campaign content instantly and deliver extremely productive advertising campaigns.

Our campaign data demonstrated this – the activity was much more effective when the notifications were personalised. In switching their notifications to be venue and product specific the campaign saw a 7% interaction spike with the Orderella service. Getting instant data insights allowed the campaign to be highly optimised and ensure that it was persuasive, and delivered a high ROI.

The personalisation in this case was in fact quite basic, but the results were striking. The proximity sphere has created multiple solutions to make advertising relevant to audiences. Through the Tamoco network, notifications can be sent to segmented audiences which are determined by live campaign data. In this case Orderella could determine which kind of notifications were most productive at each venue. They could also realise the most effective times in which to send these notifications.

It’s no secret that personalisation is a fundamental part of the advertising journey. The thing that many brands miss out on is the ability to deliver this on a scalable level, and to be able to adapt to their changing audiences when they do.

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