Tamoco launches proximity network

Tamoco today launched its innovative proximity network. The network will connect brands, networks and apps though an easy to use online platform.

Brands and advertisers can now take advantage of the huge amount of networks, locations and sensors on the Tamoco network to reach relevant audiences with highly tailored mobile advertising campaigns.

The platform provides real-time data insights into audience behaviour, footfall patterns and other campaign related information.

App owners can easily join the network, opening up fantastic opportunities to engage with their users and develop new revenue channels. The network gives developers access to the full range of proximity techno logy as well as the real-time data surrounding their app.

Our network already consists of millions of sensor locations world-wide. Network owners can simply join the network and add their IoT to monetise their existing hardware. These inventories can easily be priced and categorised. Network owners can also manage the performance using the Tamoco platform.

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