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Effectively driving retail footfall with Magnum.

The challenge for many retail brands is to drive footfall to their stores, especially in today’s climate. Retail footfall is seen to be falling across the country and this is affecting brands, especially those without the luxury of an online store.

At Tamoco we work with a large number of brands and advertisers to help them to reach their audiences creatively and intelligently. These brands span such a huge range of industries and are extremely diverse in terms of size and needs. There’s one kind of marketing that they can use to succeed within the retail space, and that’s proximity.

A brand that’s really seen great success with proximity is Magnum – after all their product is an interesting one, and it’s one which peaks at certain times of the year and it is certainly not a product which provides them with the option to sell it online.

Magnum has pop-up stores in London and Paris and, with new products on the horizon, they were looking to really drive footfall into their stores during one of their most important periods of the year.

Driving footfall simply must be top of the list for a brand like Magnum, and with all the doom and gloom surrounding these stats, we’re eager to prove to commentators that footfall can be increased, and this is something that all brands can achieve.

Using proximity technology, potential customers can be targeted with highly specific push notifications. These were sent to audiences based on their locations within cities. Using data from a proximity network can proved incredibly useful for Magnum, who were looking to drive footfall – they understood their audience’s behaviour and used this information to send notifications to these audiences at the most effective time – in this case, when it was scorching outside and they were gleefully close to a store which could provide them with a refreshing ice-cream.

Using this data Magnum selected particular geo-fences that would be used. Once a user walked through these, they were targeted with the content. To measure the effectiveness, other geo-fences and Bluetooth beacons were placed around the store to validate the number of people that then acted upon the notification.

The results – it turns out that reaching out to audiences in these relevant moments is incredibly effective. Over the course of the campaign, 1,785 users visited the Magnum store after opening the notification – a significant drive of footfall. Out of this number, 1,342 were unique users. In total, 54% of users who opened the notification visited the store, and that’s a ROI which is rarely seen in retail – imagine if over half of the people who noticed your physical OOH advertising were converted to store visits.

But this is where it really gets interesting. Not only did Magnum create a digital channel in which to drive footfall, they have also improved their knowledge of their audience. The Tamoco platform can be utilised to measure the activity of these customers in the store. Suddenly, Magnum have an incredibly powerful digital channel in which to reach users and understand them.

They can then run fully informed future campaigns and even change their retail space based on the information they receive on OOH activity and in-store movement. The campaign has also allowed for Magnum to identify which days and times are most productive to target new and existing users with campaigns.

Proximity is a pertinent and useful tool for retail brands. The ability to understand behavioural data in real-time alongside the effectiveness of location-based content delivery creates a formidable partnership. As more and more brands fight to be heard in the retail space, proximity is helping some to stand out from the noise.

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