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How to conquer retail with relevant notifications.

For brands that have multiple products in a wide range of retail environments it can be a challenge to stand out from similar competition. Products are generally grouped together and the positioning of these are usually determined by the store. It’s possible to reach users with OOH advertising but these can sometimes be forgotten by the time that the customer has reached the store.

One method to reach potential customers directly in-store is with physical adverts, but this can be difficult and there’s no simple way of discerning who you are targeting. This makes the ROI hard to gauge – 3500 people might see your promotion, but if that doesn’t convert to sales then it can be a fruitless endeavour.

Mondelez and Cadbury recently ran an effective proximity marketing campaign to inform customers of their promotional activity in-store without using traditional, expensive in-store advertisements.

First of all, a note about the Tamoco network – it’s huge. Our network consists of millions of sensors and networks, in millions of locations world-wide. This is important because it means we probably have access to locations around retail spaces in which many products are sold. That means, using our proximity network, we can reach users with location-based push notifications as they enter these stores, or in some cases – as they enter a certain area of the store, or even when they have stopped in a particular area of the store (deciding which product to select).

To raise awareness of Cadbury’s three bars for £1.30 promotion, we used Bluetooth beacons and Geofences positioned around Tesco One Stop stores in order to reach customers with push notifications as they entered the store.  By using the Tamoco network Cadbury could provide a new digital advertising channel which can reach customers with highly relevant material.

During the campaign the CTR of the content reached highs of 16.67%. and over 70,000 push notifications were sent in total. The technology is easily scalable and adaptable to many different retail environments.

The data that is produced from this kind of campaign is incredibly useful for brands such as Mondelez. It helps brands like Cadburys to understand what’s happening in these stores. For example, if the data shows that the users aren’t opening the notification in a certain region of the UK, the content can be changed instantly. New insights can they inform as to whether this change was effective. Post campaign data can then be used to produce extremely efficient future campaigns. For example, data that shows the most popular times in which users interact with the notification allows for Cadbury to schedule future notifications at these times.

For brands, this means that there is huge potential to target highly segmented audiences with incredibly relevant notifications. Using a Proximity network is an effective way to reach these audiences with relevant information at the most productive time.

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