Daniel Angel

Chief Commercial Officer

Daniel is talented in strategic digital business development, and boasts extensive experience in on-line products and general management. Before joining the team at Tamoco, Daniel lead the mobile payments team at EE and helped to launch the UK’s first mobile contactless payment service in partnership with Barclaycard. As well as this he launched the UK’s first contactless loyalty offer – Orange Quick Tap Treats, in partnership with EAT. Daniel is an executive member of the launch team at Tamoco alongside the co-founders. He provides consultancy and strategic input for a range of businesses, from mobile tech through to social enterprise. He is responsible for overseeing the performance, corporate strategy and business development of Tamoco.

Rune Bromer


Before moving to the UK, Rune acquired extensive experience in coding and software development. He has graduated with a Bachelors degree in maths and computer science. He continued to study computer science at Masters level before working as a software developer at TBWA/Play. He became a partner at BitBucket where he honed his skills in business development to help take the company to new levels, before it was sold to Atlassian in 2010. Rune has previously operated as a partner and COO of the creative digital agency Konstelation, where he worked with well-known Danish brands such as LEGO and Carlsberg to develop innovative marketing strategies. At Tamoco Rune works tirelessly to definine and implement the overall strategy, and he deploys his vast experience in order to position the company as one of the leading lights in proximity marketing.

Sam Amrani

Founder & Executive Chairman

Prior to founding Tamoco, Sam worked for six years at EE, where he worked within various roles, including the business development team. This was responsible for bringing the first contactless mobile payments service and contactless mobile ticketing service to the UK. Sam also lead the development for non-payment related mobile NFC products and mobile data. A serial entrepreneur, Sam has continuously pursued a number of entrepreneurial ventures, including The Executive Magazine – the UK’s leading free luxury men’s magazine, KACE London, a phone accessories company which featured on the likes of Groupon and Wowcher. He also founded Executive Numbers – the UK’s first customised mobile phone numbers company which was eventually sold in 2011.