By using Bluetooth beacons and geofences a brand can understand how a user moves in-between their OOH advertising and in-store product. This allows you to measure the efficiency of your content and adapt to changing trends.


Targeted Promotions


Use the Tamoco network to benefit from offline location and behavioural data. Target users with specific, location-based promotions through their favourite apps. Use the network partners to develop a rich user profile and refine your promotions for the best ROI.


Drive Footfall

Determine where a user is within retail environments. Learn how many times a user is walking past your venue without entering. Gain insights into certain locations and use this information to deliver relevant content to promote store visits.


Telia identified the need to enhance their mobile app by notifying their users of relevant offers and feature based on location. By using in-store beacons they were able to engage with their audience as they approached the location of their stores.

During the campaign Telia were able to drive the footfall to their mobile stores and inform users of relevant content and offers that were available. Aside from this they gained access to information regarding the preferences and behaviour of their users.

Over 17 weeks a consistently growing number of listens were recorded in line with app updates. 4,278notifications were sent with 491 of these being engaged with by users. Telia managed a click-through rate of11.5% and received 39,565 app updates throughout the period.

Grow your app



Becoming part of the world’s largest proximity network will allow relevant brands to leverage your existing app audience. Provide them with relevant content and get credit with incremental revenue.

Increase user acquisitions and drive downloads by joining the Tamoco network. Use the data available from our partners to understand new audiences and acquire new users easily. Use the network’s assets, such as pull technology, to directly boost app downloads.

Improve the experience for your users by utilising Tamoco’s scheduling tools to deliver timely content to your users. Re-target and learn about your audience’s preferences and behaviour to increase your app’s value.



  • Adding the Tamoco SDK to your app you will give you access to the Tamoco proximity network.

It’s simple and quick to implement and will allow to manage your proximity campaigns from the Tamoco dashboard.

You can instantly start reaching out to your app audience with informed, location specific content in millions of retail locations.

Available for iOS and android technology with support for beacon, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and much more.