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Retail, the IoT

Retail, the IoT and the stores of the future

  It’s a hot topic at the moment – how will retail adapt to the current challenges facing brick and mortar stores? Online shopping is on the rise and customers are using stores as showrooms whilst purchasing elsewhere. Retailers are looking to bridge the gap between the growing digital world and the traditional in-store experience. […]

Tamoco ranked number two specialist proximity solution in the world.

Tamoco were today ranked second in Proxbook’s quarterly report on proximity marketing and smart cities. The report ranks proximity solutions based on the commercial stage of the company, number of use cases, client list. It also takes into consideration the number of sensors deployed and their geographic presence. The new report chronicles the cities that […]

Free coffe mobile notification

How apps are monetising audiences without in-app ads

As an app publisher it’s important to keep the cost of your app low, or even better, free. This is possible by driving additional revenue streams without affecting user experience. Annoying flashing mobile app ad banners – we’re looking at you. This is the tricky part. The app ecosystem and mobile usage is booming. Each […]

#MWC17 part 2 – Highly optimised mobile marketing.

Reliable location data and highly personalised content makes for the perfect mobile cocktail. We’ve identified two ingredients that effectively optimise mobile marketing efforts.   Accurate real-time data   Location data accuracy is improving and helping to contextualise marketing efforts, but that doesn’t mean that there are still concerns with the reliability of location data. A […]

Benefits of proximity enabled mobiles apps.

Three benefits of proximity enabled mobile apps.

  Generate extra revenue from your app App owners are benefiting for the increased demand for proximity data. At Tamoco we offer brands the chance to monetise their app effectively. It’s a simple case of integrating with our proximity network – this involves adding our SDK to your app. The SDK itself is lightweight and […]

How retail brands are boosting customer survey success.

Customer feedback is integral to brands which operate in retail environments. Understanding the experience of those who visit your store is a crucial part of creating an effective retail strategy. Surveys have been utilised in this space in order to draw conclusions on the best approach for brands to take. A typical method to ensure […]

Conquer retail

How to conquer retail with relevant notifications.

For brands that have multiple products in a wide range of retail environments it can be a challenge to stand out from similar competition. Products are generally grouped together and the positioning of these are usually determined by the store. It’s possible to reach users with OOH advertising but these can sometimes be forgotten by […]

Magnum campaign

Effectively driving retail footfall with Magnum.

The challenge for many retail brands is to drive footfall to their stores, especially in today’s climate. Retail footfall is seen to be falling across the country and this is affecting brands, especially those without the luxury of an online store. At Tamoco we work with a large number of brands and advertisers to help […]

Improving brand awareness

Improving brand awareness with coffee and phone charging

People hate it when they are running low on battery. It’s true for so many people, if you’re on your way to work and have forgotten to charge your phone last night. Or perhaps it’s been a particularly heavy morning on WhatsApp, and you’re already on twenty percent by lunch. Brands and retailers have tried […]

Mobile marketing

Personalisation matters – add relevance to your mobile marketing.

The power of mobile marketing is extraordinary. We’ve all experienced it, and when it works well it provides a relevant and engaging relationship between brands and their audiences. Issues can arise when this relationship becomes irrelevant, or even annoying – this can damage a brand’s image and send engagement plummeting. We have noticed one important […]